Residential Research Facility

Thomas H. Kelly, PhD - Director
1401 Nicholasville Road, Lexington, KY 40503
Phone: (859) 277-3766
Fax: (859) 323-5350

The Residential Research Facility, a 2,400 square foot house located two blocks from the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital, was renovated for the observation and analysis of human behavior in a naturalistic setting. In combination with resources at the Medical Center, the facility supports all aspects of human research, including subject recruiting, screening, training, and testing. Several individuals can reside simultaneously and comfortably for up to four weeks at a time in the facility, which is equipped with traditional residential furnishings.

Resources include networked computer and closed-circuit audio-visual systems and an automated physiological/behavioral monitoring system. The networked computer system provides a means to maintain continuous communication between subjects and staff, facilitate automation of the daily schedule of activities, and provide a means for the objective measurement of subject performance. The audio-visual system, which includes video cameras and microphones located throughout the facility, enables investigators to monitor ongoing behavior.

Software programs have been developed to support continuous recording and categorization of behavior. The physiological/behavioral monitoring system, which instantaneously records and/or displays digital and/or analog measures, such as physical location, behavioral activity, verbal behavior, heart rate, skin temperature, or skin conductance, allows continuous monitoring of subject welfare and enables investigators to examine the relation between environmental events and psycho-physiological responses. Thus, the residential facility provides a controlled, naturalistic setting uniquely suited for objective, yet non-invasive investigations of the relationships between biological, psychological, and social variables and human behavior.

Residential Research Facility Staff

Beth Eaves - Residential Research Facility Aide
Phone: (859) 277-3766
Cleeve Emurian - Scientist
Phone: (859) 277-3766
Glenn Robbins - Research Coordinator
Phone: (859) 277-3766