Master of Science in CTS Pathway

The Master of Science in CTS is an interdisciplinary program providing rigorous mentored research training with a flexible curriculum tailored to the research interests and career goals of professional CTS scholars. The MS degree in CTS program was designed for the professional scholar interested in becoming an independent CTS investigator, as well as for those interested in providing creative contributions to CTS research. For scholars currently enrolled in professional programs, the MS in CTS serves as a dual-degree program (MD/MS, DMD/MS, PharmD/MS). The MS in CTS has been integrated into the MS in Medical Sciences program, which is jointly sponsored by all of the basic science departments of the College of Medicine. The MS in CTS includes a 24-credit curriculum consisting of 12 credit hours of competency-based CTS training in the Certificate curriculum and 12 hours of tailored coursework from the integrated CTS graduate programs; a program of mentored research training; and a thesis defense of the scholar’s independent clinical and translational research. The principal emphasis of the MS in CTS is on mentored research training provided by a primary mentor charged with supporting the scholar’s overall career development. Two co-mentors assist the primary mentor as members of an MS Advisory Committee that is charged with overseeing the scholar’s research training and crafting the tailored portion of the curriculum. Importantly, all of the credits of the MS program can be transferred to the PhD program, thereby allowing for vertical integration of the CTS education programs (CTS Graduate Certificate à MS degree à PhD degree).

For further information contact: Dr. Joe Springer, Professor, Dept. of Physiology

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