Doctorate in CTS

The PhD in CTS is an interdisciplinary program designed for professional scholars committed to leading interdisciplinary CTS research teams, sustaining independent research programs that promote innovation and new discovery, or both. In addition to extensive research training, PhD candidates are able to receive expanded training in the skills required for meeting career objectives: grant writing, grant management, team leadership, and personnel and laboratory management. Admission is limited to applicants with terminal professional degrees (ie, MD, DMD, DDS, PharmD, DVM, DO, DNP, DSc, or PhD) with appropriate domestic licensure for professional practice and to professional students enrolled in dual-degree programs. Like the MS program, the PhD program is CTS has as it principal emphasis mentored research training with a primary mentor and a PhD advisory committee. The mentor and the advisory committee are charged with supporting the scholar’s overall career development; they play a prominent role in coordinating the scholar’s curriculum, research training, and career development. The primary mentor or a co-mentor on each advisory committee must be a Departmental faculty member who is a full member of the graduate faculty. Other members of the PhD advisory committee are selected on the basis of their ability to support elements of scholar’s interdisciplinary research interests and career trajectory. The advisory committee conducts the qualifying and final examinations. Successful completion of the degree is contingent upon the scholar’s completion and presentation (written and oral) of well-reasoned research that yields clinically significant, publishable CTS knowledge.

For further information contact: Dr. Anita Fernander, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies or Dr. Tom Kelly, Professor

Graduate School Application
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