Departmental Faculty

Position Phone
mandry's picture Michael A Andrykowski Regular Faculty (859) 323-6657
sbaba2's picture Shanna Babalonis, PhD Assistant Professor (859) 257-1881
lxblond's picture Lee X Blonder, Ph.D. Professor (859) 257-9223
amcaba2's picture Allison Caban-Holt Assistant Professor (859) 257-1412 ext. 322
ccl235's picture Claire D. Clark Educational Coordinator and Assistant Professor (Special Title Series)
jecole2's picture Jennifer E Cole Research Faculty (859) 257-9332
afern2's picture Anita Fernander Regular Faculty (859) 323-4679
jhave2's picture Jennifer Rochussen Havens Regular Faculty (859) 323-6553
yjiang's picture Yang Jiang Regular Faculty (859) 257-2122
THKELLY's picture Thomas H Kelly Regular Faculty (859) 323-5206
hkknud2's picture Hannah K Knudsen Regular Faculty (859) 323-3947
jmkreg2's picture Janice Kregor Part Time Faculty (859)-257-3704
cleukef's picture Carl G Leukefeld Department Chair (859) 323-5308
jalile2's picture Joshua Lile Regular Faculty (859)-323-6034
mlofw2's picture Michelle Renee Lofwall Regular Faculty (859)-323-9321
tklogan's picture TK Logan Professor, University of Kentucky, Department of Behavioral Science , Center on Drug and Alcohol Research (859) 257-8248
rpier2's picture Raven R Piercey Lecturer
bare227's picture Brady Allen Reynolds Regular Faculty (859)-323-1457
crush2's picture Craig Rush, PhD Professor, Vice Chair for Research 859-323-6130
nesch's picture Nancy E. Schoenberg, Ph.D. Regular Faculty 859-323-8175
mtzjhns's picture Mitzi M Schumacher Regular Faculty (859)-323-6075
wwstoo0's picture William W Stoops Regular Faculty (859)-257-5383
jlstu2's picture Jamie Lawrence Studts Professor of Behavioral Science, Assistant Director, Cancer Prevention and Control (Markey Cancer Center), Director, Behavioral and Community-Based Research Shared Resource Facility (Markey Cancer Center) Office: (859) 323-0895, Fax: (859) 323-5350
cmstat00's picture Michele Staton, Ph.D. Regular Faculty 859-257-2483
jrwalk0's picture James R Walker Part Time Faculty
slwals2's picture Sharon L Walsh, Ph.D. Professor (859) 257-6485
webster's picture Matthew Webster Regular Faculty (859) 323-6100
mjwe228's picture Michael J Wesley Regular Faculty , Director, Neurobehavioral Systems Lab
jwiese's picture Helen Jean Wiese Special Faculty (859)-323-5573
jfwilson's picture J F Wilson Professor (859)-323-0303